What to do with Turnip

    Turnips nutrition facts

    Turnips are popular, nutritious root vegetables. They are round, tuborous roots grown in many parts of Europe, and Asia as one of the cool-season vegetables. Botanically, they belong to Brassicaceae family, a broad family of greens and vegetables which also includes cabbage, kale, brussels-sprouts, etc.

    Although this bulbous root is widely recognised, its fresh green tops actually are more nutritious; indeed, several times richer in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

    Scientific name: Brassica rapa (Rapifera Group).

    Small young turnips or “baby turnips” are harvested quite early at their growing stage. Baby turnips feature delicate, sweeter taste and can be eaten raw in salads. However, as they advance in size and maturity, their flavor become more pronounced, and in rexture turn firm and woody.

    Rutabaga is another root vegetable that is closely related to turnips. Rutabagas are larger, more round, largely feature yellow flesh, and sweeter in flavor than turnips. Both these roots have been cultivated as staple food since ancient Greek and Roman periods.

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