What to do with Cabbage

    Cabbage nutrition facts

    Do you ever wonder what would be the secret of Chinese people's everlasting youthfulness? Yes...It is cabbage!

    Rich in phyto-nutrient anti-oxidants, this cool season leafy vegetable belongs to the "Brassica" family, a broad family of common vegetables that also include brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bok choy, kale, and broccoli. It is one of the widely cultivated crops around the world.

    Scientific name: Brassica oleracea (capitata group).

    Cabbage structurally consists of clusters of stiff leaves superimposed in compact layers, allowing it to aquire round or globular shape vegetable. Several varieties of cabbage cultivated worldwide including green, purple, red, and savoy (loose-wrinkled leaves).

    Bok-choy or "Chinese-cabbage" features a long cylindrical shape, comprising of short, compact leaves. It is derived from different species of the same Brassica genus of vegetables. Bok-choy characteristically has a vigorous growth pattern.

    Napa cabbage is another Chinese vegetable variety in the Brassica family. It grows to oblong shaped head consisting of tightly arranged crinkly, thick, light-green color leaves with prominent white veins.

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